Third Month Blogging Traffic & Followers

Third Month Blogging Traffic & Followers

I’ve decided to do these reports at the end of each month instead of my actual “blogiversary” because it’s just a little easier to keep up with that way! February was also a good time to make that transition, because it only adds 9 extra days because the month is so short.

February wasn’t the best for my blog. Real life kicked my butt a little bit. I started my new job and it’s taking some getting used to, and I also had some sleeping trouble and general moodiness (thank you, uterus) that contributed to me not really wanting to put the work in.

And when I did put work in, a lot of it has been behind the scenes work, such as revamping my email newsletter (you can sign up for it at the bottom of the page ;)), making an instagram theme, brainstorming new topics… etc.

So anyway, enough of me rambling… let’s get into the report!!

Third Month Blogging | Traffic & Followers

Social Media Growth

I’ve been working pretty hard on my social media game this month!! Here are my growth stats, and then I’ll talk a little bit more about them.


Last Month: 50
This Month: 62
Change: +12
Goal by December: 100


Last Month: 328
This Month: 702
Change: +374
Goal by December: 2,000


Last Month: 406
This Month: 748
Change: +342
Goal by December: 1,000


Last Month: 524.2k
This Month: 515.3k
Change: – 8.9k 
Goal by December: 1M 


Last Month: 401
This Month: 533
Change: +132
Goal by December: 1,000 

I worked hard on Instagram this month… and it shows. And there’s more I could actually be doing on Instagram, so I’m pretty happy with my Instagram growth. The follow/unfollow game is awful though, and it’s so disheartening and honestly sometimes makes me want to abandon the platform entirely but we all know I’m not going to do that.

Here’s what I did on Instagram to double my follower count:

  • Started working on a “theme” for my feed. It is not perfect and I’m still getting the hang of it, but I started and it looks semi-cohesive. I just edit my pictures in VSCO a similar way each time.
  • Promoted my instagram in designated threads on Twitter and Facebook groups.
  • Posted captions that prompted engagement.. when I could figure out what the heck to say!! And I replied to all comments because if you’re not talking to people then what’s actually the point?
  • Used relevant hashtags that didn’t have a ridiculous amount of uses, and also added geotags on all my photos.
  • TRIED to post once a day. At the beginning of the month, I did a photo a day challenge but I kinda lost interest in that so I started shooting for every other day, which works better for me.
  • More selfies. Since I’ve gained so much weight my selfie game isn’t what it used to be, but the reality is people want to connect with other people. I mean, when I think about what type of content I personally like to see on Instagram, it’s people!

I slid off the Pinterest train a little bit. My Tailwind queue is empty right now. The last thing I pinned was like 9 varieties of oatmeal bowls. I’m breaking all sorts of blogger rules regarding Pinterest right now and I need to step my game back up haha. At one point in February, I did reach 700k monthly viewers which was cool but then they started plummeting. I’m fairly certain that’s partially because my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide stopped being relevant because… Valentine’s Day is over!!

I don’t have much to say about Twitter or Facebook. I HATE Facebook. Like… I don’t even like it as a social network and I literally only use it for blogger groups and memes. And my Twitter “strategy” hasn’t changed. I just… tweet about my life and follow back writers/bloggers/content creators in general. I don’t think I’d even actually call it a strategy, I just try to connect with people.

Pageviews, Traffic, and Income

February wasn’t as good to me as January was, but I still got 2,301 views this month with 1,742 unique visitors. That’s a pretty significant decrease but I also didn’t write as much, promote as much, and this month is a tiny bit shorter. Okay, that last point isn’t super significant but it helps me feel better.

A lot of my January traffic was on the heels of some December success anyway.

And… I made $1.43 this month through Amazon haha. I have to make $10 total before I ever see that money, though! But money is money and it is a qualifying sale, and I need more of those.

That does it for my third month blogging! Let me know how your February went in the comments below!!


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