The Best Affordable Pinterest Course for New Bloggers

The Best Affordable Pinterest Course for New Bloggers

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Before I even started my blog, I had always heard people singing Pinterest’s praises. I had no idea how people were finding so much success there, even though people swore by it and said it was one of the keys to success. I just… didn’t get it.

I was a new blogger who had already invested a fair amount into this whole blogging thing without seeing any return yet, and I was hesitant about spending a lot of money on a course. A lot of the Pinterest courses I had seen were anywhere between 60-200 USD… and I definitely wasn’t going to spend that kind of money.

Then I found out that one of my favorite bloggers, Ell Duclos, offered her own Pinterest course for only 32 USD. Ell has been a huge inspiration to me since before I started my blog. She turned her blog into her full-time job in under a year, and now helps other women achieve their blogging dreams!

I was excited that her course was such a great price… but was still hesitant about spending the money. I knew that her course was the one I wanted to try, but I was nervous.

Then I saw that it was on sale for the holidays, so I purchased it immediately.

In her course, Ell teaches you…

  • How to set up your Pinterest account the proper way
  • Exactly how to make a quality Pinterest pin
  • How to promote your blog in group boards
  • Top Pinterest strategies to drive traffic to your blog
  • How to use Tailwind
  • Tips for using affiliate links on Pinterest

Before Pinterest With Ell (November 2018)

These were my Pinterest analytics the day before I actually decided to take the plunge and purchase Ell’s Pinterest course. It’s also the day before I officially launched this blog. (By the way, if you haven’t started your blog yet, be sure to head over to my resources page if you need help!)

I chose to convert my personal Pinterest account into a business account, which is free. My only followers were friends and family, and I had about 245 of them. I also only used Pinterest sporadically… and usually not for blogging content.

One month after taking Pinterest with Ell (December 2018)

As you can see, I saw a huge increase in my Pinterest reach in just one month after implementing Ell’s Pinterest strategies!

I wrote a post called “6 Tips for Better Self-Care in 2019” and published it on December 22, 2018 in preparation for 2019. The pin ended up having a huge reach! I didn’t take a picture of the analytics right away and I wish I had, but here is a screenshot from the Pinterest app, taken on January 19, 2019:

That’s still my most popular post to date, and still brings me anywhere between 30-100 views per day, almost three months after writing it! The first full weekend after it was posted, I got nearly 2k views.

In all fairness though, it was December and most bloggers will tell you that there is always a huge spike in traffic around the holidays. So I wasn’t sure if my analytics would see a dip during January and February….

Three Months After Pinterest With Ell (February 2019)

These are my analytics on Pinterest as of February 12, 2019. As you can see once again, my Pinterest reach has increased dramatically. I have seen some fluctuation in my Pinterest reach. One week, it got as high as 700k monthly viewers, but now hovers around the 675k mark.

So, that Pinterest reach is amazing, but what about blog traffic?

The truth is that no Pinterest course will guarantee you traffic overnight. Pinterest courses can teach you strategies you can implement to increase your reach and connect with your audience better, but no one course is going to be the secret to your blog’s success.

You have to be willing to take what you learn and tweak it to find out what works best for you and your audience.

That being said… I probably wouldn’t have gotten this kind of traffic to my blog on my own. At least not in my first three months of blogging.

I usually get anywhere between 75-200 views on my blog per day. I’ve made 24 blog posts to date, and a few of them are only seasonal content or tags and I don’t put them back into Pinterest circulation. So I definitely expect to see an increase in my blog’s traffic when I have more blog posts.

What’s the deal with this Tailwind thing?

Tailwind is a Pinterest-approved pin-scheduler. Tailwind integrates with your Pinterest account and creates what’s called a “smart schedule” based on when people interact with your pins, so you can schedule pins to be posted when your followers are most active.

Tailwind has two plans– a monthly plan billed at 15 USD/mo and an annual plan billed at 119 USD/yr. The only major difference is that the monthly plan only gives you 400 pins per month, and the annual plan gives you unlimited pins per month. Technically, you save money with the annual plan by paying more at once, but I honestly use the monthly plan at this time because I don’t have a whole lot of content out there yet. I do plan on getting the annual plan sometime this year, though.

If you want to try Tailwind for yourself, you can get your first 100 pins for free.

Tailwind also offers what are called “Tailwind Tribes” which are similar to Pinterest group boards. You can join 5 tribes with the monthly plan, and if you need more you can pay a little extra per month depending on how many more you want to join. They are another way to extend your reach on Pinterest. What I love about Tailwind tribes is that it’s easy to see which tribes are benefitting you and which ones aren’t, because you can look at a specific tab in each tribe to see how often your content is being re-shared.

If you take Pinterest with Ell, you can join her Tailwind Tribe!

Just some thoughts….

I am not a seasoned blogger, and Pinterest with Ell gave me great results in spite of that. I definitely believe taking that course helped me set my Pinterest up for success, which helped set my blog up for success!

Ell specifically priced the course at 32 USD so that it would be more accessible for bloggers who are just starting out. And if you truly are unhappy with your results, you can contact the course platform within 30 days for a full refund.

No one’s Pinterest course will bring success overnight… but they can give you some strategies that you probably haven’t considered if you’re just starting out!

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