Holiday Gift Guide: 13 Gifts Cat Parents Will Love!

Holiday Gift Guide: 13 Gifts Cat Parents Will Love!

Welcome to my FIRST EVER holiday gift guide!!! I’m super excited to be sharing this today, and I hope these are helpful when you’re trying to hunt down those purr-fect gifts for the cat enthusiast. You can find pretty much anything cat-themed nowadays. But if it’s a little overwhelming trying to find the gift that you feel will be just right, hopefully my gift guide can point you in the right direction.

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#1: Post-It Note Dispenser

How cute is this little guy? This adorable post-it note dispenser would be a great addition to any office or home workspace. This one actually comes with some post-it notes to get you started!

#2: Ballpoint Pens

These precious cat-themed pens come in a set of four or eight and they each contain black ink. The different colors each have a different cute little face on them. The caps also feature their cute little tails! These are great for the office, but also for your teacher friends or college student friends who are returning to school for the semester! Or really, anyone who just likes cool pens!

#3: Decorative Signs


These cute little decorative signs are the perfect accent for the cat-lover’s desk, dorm room, or wall shelf. I actually have this particular one and it’s super cute, but the Amazon listing also includes five other messages in addition to this one.

#4: Dotted Journals

This adorable cat-themed dotted journal is a great gift for the avid bullet journalist in your life! The paper is higher quality than the standard bujo (100 gsm to be specific, which means it’s THICK, which is great for bullet journaling!) and comes in that familiar, A5 size that bujo fans love. There is also a lined option, in case you’re just not feeling the dots.

An alternative, more affordable option is this cat-themed dotted journal. This one is paperback, is a little bit smaller, and has fewer pages, but it would be a good option for someone who is a little younger or just likes cute notebooks.

#5: Mugs

Okay, yeah… mugs may seem the tiniest bit generic. But if you have a cat-lover friend who also drinks a large amount of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate then this is probably going to win their heart. This adorable, ceramic cat-themed mug is microwave and dishwasher safe (there’s nothing more disappointing than buying a cute mug and realizing you can’t zap your tea in it) and comes in adorable packaging.

Here’s an option for the Cat Dads! This mug is also ceramic, microwave and dishwasher safe, and comes in a couple different color options.

#6: Spoon Rest

Got a friend who loves cats who also loves to cook? This ceramic spoon rest (you’d think it would have a more “official” sounding name… turns out they’re really just called spoon rests) serves its purpose while also being an adorable kitchen accent!

#7: Plush Throw Blanket

This plush throw blanket qualifies as that kind of gift that pretty much doubles for both the human and the cat, seeing as all of my cats love this material. It’s also a little bit bigger than the average throw blanket, measuring 60×72 inches, as opposed to 50×60 inches. More blanket means more space to cuddle (or really, more blanket for the cat to steal). I personally own this item and I’m currently curled up with it… it’s extremely soft, and just warm enough without being overbearing.

#8: Fuzzy Slippers

These fuzzy slippers are perfect for the friend who loves everything cozy! The insides are made of a warm, polyester fleece to help keep warm on cold winter nights. These slippers come in women’s sizes.

They also come in this print too, so if you aren’t the biggest fan of pink these might be more your cup of tea.

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#9: Cat Bathroom Set

Remember when I said you can find pretty much cat-themed anything? Yes, this is a toilet brush holder in the shape of a cat. This is the gift for that cat-lover friend who has EVERYTHING… or so they thought! This comes in a few different neutral colors to fit a variety of bathroom themes. It also includes an adorable soap dispenser.

#10: Earrings










For friends who like to accessorize, there’s cat earrings. There’s the flashy, patchwork-style dangly cat earrings that come in a variety of colors. Great for the friend who isn’t afraid to be a little daring.










There’s also a more subtle option, with these classy pearl studs. These come in a gold, silver, and rose gold accent on the ears.

#11: Socks

These precious women’s-sized cat-face socks are an adorable stocking stuffer! They even have little ears (Can y’all tell by now that I like things with little ears on them???)! All five of these colors come together. And let’s face it, wearing socks is a lot better when they’re cute.

These men-sized cat socks are another good option for a stocking stuffer, seeing as it’s no secret that men are in constant need of socks! It might be a nice change from the monotonous white, black, and/or gray socks that so many men wear.

#12: Neck Tie

This navy neck tie could be appropriate in a lot of situations. The kitties are just small enough to be recognizable, but not large enough to be distracting.

#13: Page-a-Day Calendar

Ever wonder what cats might say to their humans if they could text? Assuming they had opposable thumbs, of course. This page-a-day calendar might provide a little insight! There’s also extra daily content, including puzzles, jokes, lists, quotes, activities, tips, and trivia, on the back of each page.

Bonus gift ideas… incoming! What sort of gift guide would this be if it didn’t provide ideas for the cats themselves? I promise any cat parent would love that you took the time to think of their cats too!

#14: Cat Cube

The kitties will love hanging about in this fun cat cube! This is another item that I personally own. There’s space for the kitties to lounge, sleep, and play all in one. They’ll love to cuddle up in this little hide-a-way space.

#15: Pack of Toy Mice

Only a cat parent would like receiving toy mice as a gift! These mice aren’t too big or too small, and they’re made out of a softer material so they’re more gentle on kitty’s teeth than real mice other plastic or crinkly cat toys.

#16: Tiered Cat Toy

This three-tiered cat toy is designed to keep cats busy and entertained with balls that spin around a track, that the cats can then bat around. Cats can play with other cats, or by themselves. There is a bar across the top to prevent the curious kitties from sticking their heads inside the toy.

That about wraps up my first ever holiday gift guide! I hope you liked it, and I hope it was helpful to you in some way. I only picked products that I myself would like to receive, or products I think my boyfriend (a certified cat dad himself) would like!

Are you a #catmom or #catdad? Let me know which one of these gifts was your fave!


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