50 Blog Post Ideas for December

50 Blog Post Ideas for December

Happy Wednesday!! Can you believe it’s already almost December? This is truly the most wonderful time of the year for me. I’m feeling inspired, happy, and cozy… even if we don’t really get snow where I live. I thought it might be fun to make one of these lists in case some of you are struggling with a lack of inspiration right now.

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50 December Blog Post Ideas

  1. Find a holiday/winter tag to fill out on your blog
  2. Create your OWN holiday tag, fill it out, and have your followers do it too!
  3. List your favorite things about December
  4. Check out this list of National Days and see if anything resonates with you
  5. Write about where in your town you can do fun holiday activities
  6. A list of gift ideas on a budget
  7. Best places for holiday deals
  8. How to make a budget for the holidays
  9. A DIY guide for holiday crafting
  10. How you style a Christmas tree
  11. How to child-proof your holiday decor (or animal-proof)
  12. How to decorate a small space for the holidays
  13. December/holiday cleaning routine
  14. Your holiday playlist
  15. Holiday shopping tips for the busy season
  16. Tips for buying gifts for people who are hard to buy for
  17. Last minute stocking stuffers
  18. Best holiday makeup gift sets
  19. How to celebrate the friend with a December birthday
  20. How you survive long car trips or flights
  21. Best holiday travel destinations
  22. Your holiday travel essentials
  23. Best holiday festivals/celebrations/events abroad
  24. Cozy indoor activities for when it’s too cold to go out
  25. Winter date night ideas
  26. Favorite holiday baking recipes
  27. Favorite holiday slow cooker meals
  28. Favorite holiday beverages
  29. Tips for coping with unhappy memories
  30. Christmas Party outfit ideas
  31. New Years Eve Party outfit ideas
  32. Create a holiday lookbook
  33. Versatile outfits for when the weather is unpredictable
  34. Multiple ways to a certain item (sweater, cardigan, flannel, leggings, boots, etc.)
  35. Your favorite holiday scents/fragrances
  36. Drugstore makeup that’s great for creating holiday looks
  37. Do your own holiday makeup tutorial!
  38. Holiday haul, or even a mini-haul
  39. Favorite holiday hairstyles
  40. Winter skincare routine
  41. Winter self-care tips
  42. Tips to stress less during the holiday season
  43. Your favorite holiday traditions
  44. How to host/decorate for a holiday party
  45. A post about getting prepared for job-hunting in the new year
  46. Getting your resume ready for the new year
  47. Your best (or favorite) blog posts of this year
  48. Reflect on your year– what was good, bad, etc.
  49. Share your January bullet journal spreads
  50. Your goals for next year and how you’re going to accomplish them

I hope these December blog post ideas leave you feeling inspired and ready to start your December off strong!

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